Part ll: Discovery

Finding the right fit for you, 

and asking the questions that matter

Building A Website That Actually Works

This is where we sit down and look carefully at what success looks like for your business in regards to its online presence. This is the most important and critical component of the entire building process.

We have a list of 10 questions that will tell whether or not this is clear. Once you have answered these questions clearly, you can begin building your website.


It’s very important you dive into these questions yourself, and do not pass these off to an assistant, or your friend who does tech. It’s expected to need help on answering these questions, so your team can help.

The absolute minimum is to clear on your purpose.

We are extremely adamant about this step. The reason is because we’ve constantly seen frustrated business owners who skipped the systematic planning process and regret it. Then, when we come on board to assess the situation, we’re left picking up the pieces, and blowing out the fires.

Think of these questions as investor’s insurance.