9) What Will Your Technical Requirements Look Like?

What user and internal business processes must your site support?

Seeing your website as a machine to accomplish goals can vary the technical aspects required. Instead of needing a tool to create an electronic brochure, you need a set of tools to help you manage business processes.

When you make this shift in intent, you’ll need your website to support user and business processes. You’ll start thinking about what mix of 3rd party applications you will want to pass data between and what sequences you can automate.

Important requirements to consider:

  • A fast and capable hosting service
  • A website platform that best fits your business processes
  • Goal tracking and heat mapping
  • Email auto-responders and SEO applications
  • Sales and customer relationship management software
  • Customer service portals and membership management
  • E-commerce platforms, payment gateways and shipping
  • Affiliate tracking and accounting integration, and more

Selecting technologies that allow for data integration can be extremely helpful in the long run. For instance, plugins that connect with your CMS (content management system). Where possible, choose technologies with an API (application programming interface). API’s allow you to tie all the technologies together, so they exchange data with relative ease.

Map out your work-flows and determine your functional requirements. Then select technologies that enable you. Resist the urge to jump on some technology bandwagon. Know what you need and then choose your technologies accordingly.