5) How Will You Build Your Sales Funnel and Campaign Metrics?

How will you entice people to take target actions on your site?


Your sales funnel, also called your offer hierarchy is an escalating gradient of offers, that serves as an indoctrination to your business. These “offers” don’t necessarily have to be your core offers, or even be something you are selling. These typically start with free and easy offers and gradually increases in risk, effort and cost.

Target actions are the things you need people to do on your website; your goals. The most common target actions are things like Contact Us, Email Sign Ups, PDF Download, Trials and Purchases.

This hierarchy of offers should be built right into your site’s design. This will put you in a great position to gather leads and conversions.

The lower the risk and effort involved, the more likely people are to complete your target actions. For example, offering interested visitors a free guide on a common problem directly in your niche is a great way to warm users up to your voice, brand, and authority on the subject. This is the beginning of your relationship with the user.

A free offer, like a sample version or trial, can be at the start of your offer hierarchy with zero cost and no risk. Giving people something to read or try before they buy is a great strategy. It helps them feel safe, so they don’t have to take a leap of faith. Paid offers are further up your hierarchy, where visitors must identify themselves and pay to get what they want.

Your goal is to create a smooth gradient of offers to draw people into your sales funnel. Think of your offer hierarchy as a line of breadcrumbs to your business. Each crumb entices your visitor further into your sales funnel.