6) Who Are You Competing With?

Who and what are you up against in the competition for clicks and traffic?

Here are some questions to consider regarding your competition when it comes to your site design:

  • Which competitors show up on search engines on your target keywords and tags?
  • How competitive is it? (volume, brand credibility)
  • How can you compete with them?
  • What are their offers?
  • What is their social media, content and back link strategy?

You need to know what you are up against before you begin, and to see if that makes sense for your budget and strategy. If competition is extremely steep, and you have a limited budget, you may have to look at other avenues for traffic.

What are the industry highs and lows of your market? If there are few competitors and they all have terrible websites, that makes things easier. You can keep it simple and still look better than they do.

If they have a great internet marketing program and have invested heavily, what can you do to compete with them and create your market share?