Personalizing Your User's Web Experiences

Improve Your Customer's Experiences With Personalized Web Experiences

No matter where you are in your marketing journey, you are bound to have heard the phrase website personalization, but this can mean different things depending on the person you ask. To keep things simple, website personalization is the practice of tailoring your user’s digital experience by providing them with intelligent content and service recommendations. By using machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital marketers are able to deliver customized customer journeys that intuitively move prospects and customers through the sales cycle. 

Though this may seem like a new trend, website personalization has been around for a while and is continuously improving. In earlier times, the cost of these mechanisms were too high, and the software too complicated - until now. Modern tech has made way for these processes to be more affordable than ever before, also making them easier to implement than in previous times. All of this to say, there are products readily available today to put you and your business in the right position to receive the most traffic as possible.


 of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.
- Salesforce

Nonetheless, to ensure your ability to effectively implement your website strategy, you must have a cohesive content strategy to pair it with. 

Here is a checklist of items you must have in place to achieve the right goal for your business:

Audit your Content

Create a thorough content audit of current pieces - whether they are blogs, videos or even podcasts. You are looking for specific content gaps in existing  content while also making sure your message is consistent and up to date.

Pinpoint content timing

Establish that your content is balanced and reaches the prospect at each touch point in the customer journey. Your collection of content must  have high value, thus presenting you and your brand as an authority in the marketplace. This will help your customer see you as someone they can  trust.

Analyze content Performance

Analyze the performance of the content to gain insight on how pieces are performing and whether you need to increase or decrease a budget or even cut a campaign all together. All things considered, reviewing and optimizing your campaigns will be the reason you find tremendous success.



As you can see, most of the work comes before you even launch any of your content, but it can be certain that it is important that you be diligent and do your research to ensure that you have a successful campaign, and ultimately, funnel.

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