Authenticity on Social Media Platforms

Be authentic on Social Media to Engage and Convert Prospects

Alas! So here we are, the most esoteric and elusive part of the entire sales engine strategy: social media. Social media can be challenging and understandably so. The issue here is that the modern customer is quite savvy on social media and can easily tell the difference between genuine and in-genuine content (i.e. click-bait, ads, sponsored content, etc.).
Regardless, you shouldn’t even be thinking about deceiving your audience. For one, it is unethical and disingenuous like we stated above. Secondly, it will not work. If someone for some reason does get fooled into clicking something they don't desire, they will bounce off your site as soon as they realize their mistake. Your goal is to build trust with your audience and only provide honest and valuable content.
The goal of social, like the rest of the sales engine, is not to bombard your prospects with products and promotions, but rather making your audience feel comfortable with your brand through content that entices your followers to engage and click through your pieces. You are becoming an authority in their lives and you want to consistently inform them through your blogs, ebooks, webinars and other forms of branded content you create.



The Key to More Social Media Engagement? Employee Advocacy.

The first step to taking social media seriously is investing in a single source of social truth. A platform that can allow you to schedule posts, track KPI’s, and understand the social landscape all in one location. 

When using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. separately, they don't give you enough information to optimize your overall campaign. In actuality, the inability to consolidate, understand and optimize valuable metrics is one of the leading causes for social media marketing abandonment.  

The key to “winning” in the social media game is promoting social advocacy for your brands and your products. The easiest way to do so is by using a platform that allows your employees to easily connect their social profiles to the organization tool thus giving them the ability to share your company’s posts. This allows your employees to act as brand ambassadors as well as track their efforts.

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